One man built Noah's Ark in the back yard and a castle - Poland

Polish artist Dariusz Miliński has built Noah's Ark. Located in 'Pławna Górna' a village in the administrative district of Gmina Lubomierz, within Lwówek Śląski County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in south-western Poland. Close to the Polish border with Germany or with Czech Republic.

Ark is 40 metres long, 10 wide and 15 metres high. Inside there is a place for different relics, sculptures and many other things found from around when the artist lives. There is also a screen where movies about the Ark of the covenant are played. As per the artist the Ark would express more than a usual painting and he is no longer able to express his feelings through paintings. It is a new way of artistic expression as he said when interviewed by TV Łużyce (Telewizja Łużyce)

It is good to have a hobby. The building/boat is positioned next to the village Church. 

The Ark is not the only tourist attraction that Dariusz Miliński built. He also created a castle named Zamek Śląskich Legend in the same village (villagers must love him by now). Click here for the Google map view of the castle.

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